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Polar Bear
Ursus maritimus
"Sea Bear"


Polar Bears


Make up of a polar bear

Eating habits

Reproduction and Cubs

Where polar bears live





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Fun Facts about Polar Bears
bulletPolar bears have black skin
bulletThe remother polar bears with two cubs laying on the snowcord size polar bear weighs 12, 209 pounds and is 12 feet long
bulletPolar bears have hallow fur
bulletPolar bears are the largest land carnivore
bulletPolar bears do not hibernate
bulletPolar bears experience a deep sleep to escape periods of poor hunting or extreme weather
bulletPolar bears give birth to one to three cubs every 28 months
bulletA mother polar bear does not eat in the winter so she can be with her cubs
bulletMothers avoid male bears because they may attack and eat the cubs
bulletThe world population is approximately 30,000 polar bears
bulletThe population in Canada in more than 15,000 alone


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